About Me

I am a planetary scientist, specialising in computational modelling of volcanic degassing process. I research the effect volcanism can have on rocky planet atmospheres through time, linking planetary interiors to observable atmospheric features through outgassing.

I pursued an MSci degree in Earth and Environmental Science at Lancaster University from 2014-2018, winning awards for my 3rd year dissertation and overall performance. My 4th year project focussed on volcanic activity across the solar system, controlled by large-scale planetary properties. I have recently passed my viva (final exam) to complete a PhD in Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge, with links to the Cambridge Institute of Astronomy. I am supervised by Dr. Oliver Shorttle (Department of Earth Sciences and Institute of Astronomy). My funding is generously provided by the Embiricos Trust Scholarship at Jesus College, Cambridge.

Computational models

EVo: a python-based magma degassing model

EVolve: volcanic planetary atmospheres

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